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10 Reasons to Choose University of Wollongong in Dubai

10 Reasons to Choose University of Wollongong in Dubai -There are many, many reasons why one should choose the highly coveted University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE. It’s truly a splendid university that has been around for a while and is Dubai’s first Australian University. However, in the rich and diverse educational landscape of Dubai, a lot of students are spoilt for choice. That’s why we are providing you with precisely 10 reasons why you should just choose University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE.
10 Reasons to Choose University of Wollongong in Dubai
10 Reasons to Choose University of Wollongong in Dubai
  1. The degree is internationally recognized — University of Wollongong Dubai provides the students with high quality Australian education that is internationally recognized. There’s no better reason to choose University of Wollongong Dubai, UAE.
  2. The university is accredited by the Ministry of Education — Is there any better judge of a quality education than the accreditation by UAE’s strict Ministry of Education? Not only that, UOWD also assure the students Australian quality assurance.
  3. The degrees are transferable — The best aspect of pursuing higher education in University of Wollongong in Dubai is that it provides the option of transferring to the University of Wollongong in Australia as part of its transfer program. It also provides the opportunity to receive the UOWA degree after the completion of the study here in Dubai. This is truly a mind blowing opportunity that the University of Wollongong in Dubai is providing.
  4. Great career prospects — The degree thus obtained by completing the study program at UOWD is always highly considered by prospective employers. There is a great market for opportunities for the graduates of University of Wollongong in Dubai.
  5. A great network — UOWD has a very extensive Alumni network that ensures that there is always a strong connection between the graduates that have long since carried on with their lives.
  6. An easy application process — The admission process is really simple. You don’t even have to submit a statement of purpose of admission essay because they don’t require it. The payment and visa procedures are highly simplified making it easy for international students to follow the processes of Dubai.
  7. Diversity — Because of the location of University of Wollongong in Dubai, there is a huge influx of people from all over the world. Not only the students but the faculty and the other staff are also from all backgrounds. Because of the high diversity, you will interact with many people and that will broaden your mind.
  8. One word: Affordable — The tuition fee of UOWD is highly competitive and affordable which makes getting a high quality education within everyone’s reach
  9. Safe — Dubai is among the highest ranked in terms of safety. So you won’t have to worry about anything in this safe and secure part of the world.
  10. Centrally Located — Dubai is one of the most accessible places from all over the world, which is another aspect of why you should choose University of Wollongong located in the heart of Dubai.
Above are only 10 reasons why you should choose University of Wollongong in Dubai, but there are much more. University of Wollongong in Dubai is truly the best place to study at.
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