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Check Eligibility to Transfer EPF Claim from Previous Employer to Current Employer

Check Eligibility to Transfer EPF Claim from the Previous Employer to Current Employer – EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) has launched the Previous Member ID Option to allow the member to list the last member id well as view linking status. The idea is to list multiple Member Identification Number (Member ID) allotted to a single member under a single Universal Account Number (UAN). This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Number (Member ID) and further enable to check the eligibility for online transfer claim through the option “List Previous Member ID” and “View Status” from the Menu “Previous Member ID”. In the future, there is no need to list the member ids as it will be linked automatically by Form-11 information. Member needs to disclose his/her UAN/Previous Member ID to the new employer through Form-11.
A member can feed the details of his/her previous member id to be linked with UAN. The name in the previous member id should match with the name of the current member id. Otherwise, the system will not allow the member to link the previous member id with UAN. The screen below shows the details of the previous member id to be linked with UAN. Member has to tick the checkbox which says that the information displayed is correct and the member account belongs to his/her and submit. Once the member presses the button “Submit”, he/she will be asked to ensure the message. If he/she is sure, can press ok. Otherwise, he/she can cancel it.
When “OK” is pressed by the member, the following screen will appear informing you that information fed in by you is successfully saved. To link more previous ids, you can again select the state, office, feed member id, and get the details.
The member can check the status by selecting “View Status” from “Previous Member ID”. The member can also check eligibility for online transfer claim by selecting the current member id on the top and pressing the button “check Eligibility” against the previous member id. The same is shown in the following screenshot:-
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