EPFO is one of the World's largest Social Security Organisations in terms of clientele and the volume of financial transactions undertaken. At present it maintains 19.34 crore accounts (Annual Report 2016-17) pertaining to its members. EPFO India, Epfo claim status, Epfo passbook.

About Us

My full name is Sonu.
When I was young, I thought the name gave me so much power that I became unstoppable. With it, I could achieve top positions in almost every competition in any field that I was interested in. However, after many years of audacious exploration numerous areas of interests,  I discovered that the TRUE POWER of  my name is NOT to become ‘unbeatable’ and feared by others but rather
1)  It fueled me with immeasurable courage that allowed me to unregrettably choose the path less travelled by.
  • I was daring enough to go against the norm.
  • I was daring enough to step outside the education system and learn whatever I felt essential to me rather than being forced and cash stripped to learn things that eventually turned out to be irrelevant.
  • I was daring enough to question and challenge the well established ‘scientific FACTS‘ (they called it facts), which I found to be simply fallacies intentionally designed by the ‘elite class’ to hide the astonishing truth that could help advance humanity by leaps and bounds.
2) It taught me there should be ‘no real enemy’ in this world, everyone could be your friend. There is divine love throughout the universe that through forgiveness everything unites. If you can forgive your ‘enemies’ and let go the unnecessary feeling of hatred, anger, frustration and jealousy, you can live in greater harmony with every being this vast nature offers.
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